Monday, 2 February 2015

Welcome to "A Right Bloody Mess"

Welcome to my Blog focused on "A Right Bloody Mess", the Australian Civil War 1933-39.

"A Right Bloody Mess" (ARBM) is an alternate history of Australia in the 1930s. It deviates from history in 1933 when Western Australia votes to secede from the Commonwealth of Australia. Rather than wait for the blessing of the Federal Government it immediately declares independence. Victoria who are aware of WAs intentions use this disruption to also declare independence.

The actions of the states, and the major and minor factions, fuelled by a 30% unemployment rate, creates an environment of  uncertainty and violence. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression Australia decends into what can only be described as civil war.

While I am the creator and publisher of this exciting new wargaming Setting, it is the community that determines the course of events. Indeed many different paths will no don't be explored.

The intention is to provide a setting that is Rules and Scale agnostic. Players can use whatever figures in whatever scale prefer. Actions from skirmishes to major set piece battles are catered for. If you prefer there are a lot of wonderfule RPG lite rulesets that could be used.

This Blog is really my personal journey into ARBM.  I am not a great painter or scenery maker but I hope you will find some inspiration for your own games.

Matthew Clarkson

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