Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Painting Table - 15mm Italians

The arrival of my perry 28mm does not mean I have been distracted from the 15mm on my painting table.

The Italians are almost completed, representing anything from Italian Immigrants market gardeners, through Nationalist to Fascists. Mussolini has been nice enough to provide Bersaglieri uniforms and equipment in sizable quantities to the Italian Immigrant community.

In 1933 Italy was at its economic and military (colonial) height. Mussolini's Fascist government was a model that many wanted replicate. While many didn't want fascism, many right wing groups existed in 1933. The main (militarised) group was the NEW FRONT. The upper echelons were definitely Fascist even Nazi in their views. The bulk were more moderate. Primarily based in NSW the New Front was National and at its height count 100k active members. This had dwindled by 1933 but was still sizable. The distrust of communism also drove many to join right wing factions.

Pictures coming soon.

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