Thursday, 26 February 2015

Perry Figures Arrived


My Perry Order has just arrived. Three boxes of 8th Army, with two boxes of Australian /Chindit Heads and a box of ACW Confederate Heads in slouch hats.

I figure that this will give me everything I need to convert my figures into various factions. A scalpel and some green stuff and the necessary variety will appear to represent essentially civilian forces operating in what is usually hot and/or muggy conditions.

I also got 4 boxes (24 Figs total) from their Mafeking range. These are Boer War civilians with British SMLEs so they will fit in perfectly, and provides those things like a man in a suit with a SMLE. I also expect to use some of the Perry ACW Confederates for civilians in trousers, shirt and possibly a hat. A bit of conversion work, but I need the practice.

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