Thursday, 22 March 2018

Who Stole the Last Five Weeks and ARBM Post-1945.

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I apologise for the delay in updating the Blog. Ill health got the better of me and I have spent 5 days each week asleep. I normally lose a day each week. Fortunately these incidents rob me of my concept of time, making life bearable.

Below is an email I wrote to Richard Shepard that I believe is worth sharing. (I also freely admit to being lazy.) It gives some ideas about post-WW2 ARBM.


Hi Richard,

I am glad you enjoyed the book.

I have no plans beyond 1940, at least not in terms of another book, although a smaller endeavour may be on the cards. This is primarily the startling revelation that it took me over 3 years to complete the first book.

In writing ARBM I tried to avoid prescribing the future so that gamers could take the setting where they would. That said I have always had my own narrative.

I like the idea of belonging to the Commonwealth and taking pause to defend it during WWII, with conflict reigniting soon after peace is achieved. This gives us a changed world order with a vast array of new weapons and technology available, much of it surplus and captured items. Using Konflict 47 or any set of WW2 rules to model this is easily achieved and from your note sounds like the way you would like to go. Just give some thought to what you believe happened in the first phase of the conflict, where map line are now drawn and what allegiances have been forged or broken.

The other appealing concept is for Japan to have become actively aligned with Westralia somewhere between 1933 and 1939. This would radically change the conduct of the WW2, making Australia a key battleground, particularly if they had supplied troops as well as weapons. Again Konflict47, Bolt Action, etc can be used to represent this.

Whatever the alternative, the influence of the Soviet Union with the labour unions or potentially Queensland, as you have alluded to, makes a post 1940 conflict between Queensland (or parts thereof) and NSW very interesting. If this takes your fancy (and given you have the models) a post 1945 conflict of this type sounds really interesting. Soviet equipment up north against British and US kit down south, supplemented by captured(?) German and Japanese items potentially available to all protagonists.

If you wish to share your ideas and approach then the ARBM page on the Very British Civil Forum is recommended. The Interwar page of Lead Adventure is also worth a visit.

Happy Gaming,


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