Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to obtain a copy of ARBM

Welcome to A Right Bloody Mess aka ARBM.

ARBM is a self published source book for gaming in an alternate 1930s Australia. It covers the lead up to the Australian (civil) War which starts in April 1933, and the major factions involved. It is a similar concept to A Very British Civil War.

The book is 282 pages, full colour, cloth-bound hardcover with dust jacket. It is designed to sit on the shelf beside the wonderful tomes of the 1970s by likes of Donald Featherstone and Bruce Quarrie.

It retails for A$80 / £45 / US$63 / €51. 

As it comes direct from the printer, shipping is very reasonable. Postage is A$10, £3, US$4, €4. This covers up to two copies. After that postage double for up to ten copies. By way of comparison, Australian postage would be A$18 if I was to do it. 

Copies of ARBM can be obtained from Eureka Miniatures or directly from me, the author. My email address is:

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