Sunday, 21 January 2018

Eureka Miniatures, Cancon and Max34

Living 10 minutes walk from Eureka Miniatures means I am able to drop in every month, talk to friends and generally enjoy the wonderful characters that make up our hobby. Nic is always welcoming and always has new greens to ogle at. This combination means that I am able to get miniatures that he has put on to molds but not formally released on the website.

Nic and Eureka Miniatures will be up at Cancon over the coming Australia Day long weekend. Along with many delightful new figures he will also have copies of my Book, "A Right Bloody Mess" for those of you who wish to delve further into the Australia in the 1930s.

 One of his latest offering is the Mad Maximillian range of cars, accessories and figures. These are all 1930s inspired and offer incredible modelling opportunities. There is a corresponding set of rules, Maximillian 1934, abbreviated to Max34, by Ara from Mana Press.

Max34 is a simple and fun set of rules, with the ability to tailor vehicles statistics to match your creations. It is based in the ARBM setting and is a great example of my desire for the gamers to take the ARBM setting where they will.

Here are a couple of cars I have borrowed from the web. These beautiful examples are by Pappa Midnight and show what can be achieved.

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