Friday, 12 January 2018

2018 is Here (and my 1st International Delivery)

The silly season is over and 2018 is upon us.

The first copy of ARBM delivered outside Australia arrived today, the lucky gent hailing from Scotland. Deliver was 16 days. Not bad as this included New Year. It looks like 3 week delivery times are a good approximate, except for November/December when all bets are off.

So what does this new year hold for me? Truthfully, I have no bloody idea.

  • I have a novel in the planning phase.
  • I need to clean up the games room before my wife gets involved.
  • I would like to play more board games, hopefully dragging my wife beyond Carcassonne.
  • I have three rule sets in development, getting one through play testing would be nice.
  • Keep working on Rommel scenarios for ARBM.
  • Finish my example CoC forcelists for ARBM.
  • Learn IABSM and adapt for ARBM.
  • Paint more.
  • and the list goes on.

Now for something interesting.
An Australian Red Centre mobile patrol late in the conflict. Trucks are armed with German supplied MG-34s.

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