Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Right Bloody Mess sent to the Printer.

Finally, after much effort and gnashing of teeth, I have finally sent the book to the printers.

So when do I get my copy?
The printer is sending me a proof so I can check things, mainly colour reproduction of photos. Once I get it back it should be a week or so to confirm the copy, last proof-read, etc. and then I will order a quantity.

They should be available at Eureka Miniatures by the start of September, hopefully earlier. If you are located outside Australia then you can order copies direct from me, and the printer will ship then directly. The delays are now about printing schedules and shipping, the book is finished.

It is a 266 page cloth bound hardcover, 6x9 inches, covering the first year of the conflict, with plenty of historical detail on every faction plus all the things a wargamer may want to know.

Having finally sent the book, I am back to the painting table and enjoying the break.



  1. Congratulations Matt!

    Looking forward to ordering a copy as soon as I am able.

    Michael (met you at Little Wars)

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